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Tim Clark

Creative Director

Tim oversees creative direction at Transformative. He guides the team with a focus on problem solving rather than simple aesthetics and has a shrewd eye for the business opportunities within a project. Tim loves to be able to take a business's highest priority goals and see how digital technology can help achieve that vision. In his spare time you'll find Tim riding and racing bicycles.

Katie Te Nahu Owen

Technical Director

Katie leads the development team, maintaining the high standards Transformative has become known for. Having worked as a developer for over twelve years, Katie brings first-class knowledge to the technical side of the business always ensuring digital solutions are designed and built using the latest best practices. 

Phil Vinall

Digital Strategist

As a web strategist and design thinker, Phil has helped a multitude of start ups, government agencies and corporate clients find their place online and launch successful products. He loves to find unexplored areas of innovation within a business and show how a digital solution can rapidly improve sales, profits, productivity and customer success. 

Tom Rishworth

Design & UX Lead

Tom is a designer and a front-end developer. He has a sharp eye for detail and has the ability to quickly iterate and explore design concepts in the browser. As UX Lead, Tom sees Transformative projects from the initial wireframing, mockups and prototype stage through to the polished final product.

Simon Chisnall

Drupal Developer

Simon is an Otago Computer Science graduate. Web programming became his first love and he jumped into the contracting sphere working between the UK and Australia with large organisations such as the BBC. He now brings his wealth of 10+ years experience to his role at Transformative as a full-stack Drupal developer and project manager.

Bridie Bradley

Front-End Developer

Bridie is a front-end developer with over a decade of experience. She joined the Transformative team in 2016 with an impressive skillset and travel log. With a keen eye for detail and a love of structure and process, Bridie brings invaluable knowledge and expertise to the team. Outside of work, Bridie enjoys mud runs and getting outdoors with her husband and two young kids.

Catherine Cao

Front-End Developer

Catherine is a front-end developer with a background in motion graphics design and animation and over 7 years experience. Since joining Transformative in 2017, she has enjoyed using her web development skills to deliver clean efficient HTML & CSS. Outside the office you might catch her dancing the night away, training, or performing in the vibrant local Latin dance scene.

Thomas Hartill

Full Stack Developer

Thomas joined Transformative after graduating with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Auckland. A fast learner who likes a challenge, Thomas brings a keen eye and dedicated mind to any project he works on. Off the clock, Thomas is a computer systems enthusiast with a passion for Linux and open-source software.

Andy K

Full Stack Developer

Andy is a full-stack Software Engineer who joined Transformative in 2018. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from Auckland University of Technology, and in his previous roles he has gained a lot of experience in building concrete software architectures. Andy is passionate about all aspects of computer science and HCI. In his spare time he likes to research cryptocurrencies, AI and read books.

Kevin Liu

Full Stack Developer

Kevin is an experienced software engineer with a passion for programming. After working in the mobile development field for many years, he became a full-stack software engineer for website development. In his spare time, he likes to play chess, poker and board games.

Luke Tomes

Project Manager & Digital Strategist

Luke brings a rare combination of technical, creative and people skills to his role as Project Manager & Digital Strategist at Transformative. Passionate about making the world a better place for all, Luke architects our digital solutions and utilises his obsessive attention to detail and 20 years experience in agile software development to ensure projects are delivered as promised.

Chintan Patel

Full Stack Developer

Chintan has worked in small to large level projects in India within multiple industries. Having worked in various programming languages, he brings a wealth of experience to the Transformative team. Outside of work, you’ll find him either playing cricket or watching movies.

Chen Liang

Full Stack Developer

Chen joined Transformative in 2019 with a variety of technology stacks under his belt. In his previous jobs, he had the chance to work on hybrid mobile application development to serverless functions in the cloud with image recognition. Chen is passionate about learning and growth. He fills his spare time with books, video games and everything tech.

Joshua Lee

Full Stack Developer

Joshua is hard-working, organised, and reliable. He has completed a degree in Computer Science and has experience working on various projects in South Korea as a web developer. Passionate about his work, Joshua is not one to shy away from an opportunity to upskill or gain further experience. In his free time, he likes to play golf with friends and go mountain biking with his son. He also enjoys having a cup of tea with his wife and little daughter.

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