Transforming Hire Plants with Business-Centred Delivery

Business-Centred Delivery ensures that when you approach a development company for digital work, the final digital product delivered aligns closely with the goals of the business, creates a measurable improvement, and provides a genuine return on investment.

Recently we used Business Centred Delivery to build and design a custom CRM and workflow tool to help transform the service based company, Hire Plants.

Here’s how we did it:

Hire Plants are an industry leading business providing high quality plants for long or short term hire. They service a range of organisations from businesses to film shoots and functions.

Within the business there are four teams.

  • The Office Team organises and oversees the day to day running of the business
  • The Servicing Team keeps the hired plants healthy at each location
  • The Delivery Team transports plants to and from locations
  • The Nursery Team looks after the plants yet to be hired, keeping the quality high

With different teams playing key parts in the business, Hire Plants wanted to move away from a paper based information system to an entirely digital solution to increase the efficiency and visibility of account and project management, quoting, delivery, and servicing. Moving to a digital system also enables deeper strategic insight through analysis of the captured information.

They came to us with this request to design and build a digital solution to innovate their business.

It was important that before any work began, we understood what each of their business goals were, the different areas of the business they impacted, and how a digital product and/or feature could be integrated into the business to achieve these goals.

This resulted in the development of a custom web-based CRM and end-to-end workflow tool capable of running on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

The custom CRM site we built is a mobile first application that functions like an app when viewed on mobile and tablet devices. At the same time, it looks and behaves like a web app on desktop computers. The solutions we included in this web-based application included Customer Management, Account Management, Project Management, Quote Management, Job Processing, and Scheduling.

This system was designed to automate, empower, and streamline the internal processes and management of the business and is being used today to increase visibility and efficiency, reduce manual processing and errors, and drive down costs, while improving the experience of staff and customers alike.

Transformative have been excellent at understanding the business objectives of the project, quickly grasped the operating requirements, business drivers and nuances and brought considerable additional thinking to translate that into a thorough system design.

Mark Carley - CEO

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