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Need an app for multiple platforms? We can build it quickly and efficiently

Katie Te Nahu Owen By Katie Te Nahu Owen

Say you have a really cool idea for an app that will run on mobile devices and desktops. You tell us about it excitedly, painting a glowing picture of the World’s Best App that can do your laundry, charge your electric vehicle, and make coffee. (OK, we’re exaggerating, but you get the picture). How soon can we build it?

Fast, is the answer. We can build apps for your platforms fast because we have an efficient way of coding. If your app needs to run across two platforms, we will be able to save you time and money.

We write code once, but you get apps that you can use across platforms, called hybrid apps. Not one code per platform, but one code for the lot. Coding for each platform would be slow and painful, and a competitor might sneak ahead of you. Maintaining several sets of code would be slow and painful too.

Our secret is a couple of cool tools

We use Capacitor and Electron to develop apps across several platforms. These tools offer several benefits that help you get a great result.

1. They let us give you more for less

They let us work efficiently because we don’t have to write code for each platform you want to cover. We write one source code (a set of code), and Capacitor and Electron make it easy to do the rest. They translate our instructions into code for different platforms.

If you wanted an app to work across web, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Desktop and MacOS, that would be six platforms! But we’d just code once. And we wouldn’t have to hire developers who specialise in different platforms.

Capacitor lets us build mobile apps for iOS, Android, or other modern platforms (called Progressive Web Apps). Electron lets us build desktop apps for Windows or Mac. Their ‘translations’ are as good as building apps from scratch for each of these platforms. (Tech detail: they use native APIs to translate a single codebase.)

2. They give you the power of a wide community of developers

Capacitor and Electron are popular open-source tools, free to use and contribute to. Often, hundreds of people work on a project and can collectively fix a bug or come up with an improvement. This means you’re more likely to benefit from a slick solution than if we used proprietary software and worked alone.

3. They use common ways of coding

Again, this means we can solve gnarly problems better and faster. (Tech detail: they use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.)

These are ongoing benefits. Not only can we build your World’s Best App more quickly, but we can also maintain it more easily and cheaply too.

This is our tried and tested approach

We’ve used Capacitor and Electron for several years. We’re proud to say that we’ve successfully used them for a range of apps, including one for Auckland Council that can be used on the web, or on desktops and tablets.

So if you have an idea for the World’s Best App, let us help us. You’ll be in good hands.

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