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Every project is special, but every now and then one comes along that we’re particularly proud of. Like TreeTime.

TreeTime helps people combat climate change

TreeTime's mission is to empower people and organisations to combat climate change and the loss of biodiversity — to help everyday people save the planet by planting trees. TreeTime wanted an app that worked on the web and on phones that let people make a difference, watch their trees grow, and feel engaged and motivated.

We loved being part of a meaningful project

We’re so excited about this app that we have to tell you about it. In fact, one of our developers, Catherine, is prouder of this project than any other project she has worked on. Not only did she find the concept refreshing, but she was also delighted to help fight climate change: ‘I'm proud of being in this team and happy with the final product.’

Choose a tree and watch it grow

You can do everything you need with the app, from donating trees to telling others about them. 

  • Donate or gift trees and pay for them securely online.
  • Choose between trees that capture carbon and trees that promote biodiversity.
  • Learn more about the tree you’ve chosen.
  • See where your tree is on a map.
  • Track your tree using a unique identifier — your very own BarkCode™. 
  • Get regular photo updates.
  • Check how much carbon dioxide your tree has captured and share that info on social media.
  • Share your referral code or link on social media.
  • Earn leafpoints when you donate trees, when other users use your referral code, and when your trees grow.
  • Compare yourself to the top 20 leafpoints users and win trophies.

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