Cook Islands National Super Fund

Helping Cook Islanders save for retirement

The Cook Islands National Superannuation Fund is designed to provide members with a means to save for their retirement. The Fund was established to help give members financial security in their retirement and their dependents. Membership of the Fund is compulsory for all people in employment in the Cook Islands or employed outside the Cook Islands by an employer resident in the Cook Islands. The Fund was established by an Act of Parliament in 2000.

The project scope
Scope and develop a new system to manage all aspects of the Cook Islands National Superannuation Fund. Keep compatibility with all the various entities involved while improving data management and integrity and provide automation of various workflows.

Digitise various manual workflows and provide change management and training for various roles involved in the day to day processes.


  • Replacing existing legacy system which is in use
  • Complex manual workflow with lots of different people using the system with different roles
  • Complex financial systems with stakeholders from multiple entities including government and private companies
  • Integrated with other financial services
  • Involves large amounts of money and tens of thousands of end users

Front-end: Single Page Application powered by Vue.js
Back-end: RESTful Web API built using PHP Laravel with a PostgreSQL database
Infrastructure: Docker containers running in a Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud
Architecture and Design: Continuous Integration and deployment using Terraform

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