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ABC Business

Connecting people to fulfil their dreams of independence

Working with Transformative has been a great experience. They not only spent the time to understand our business drivers they offered strategic advice and helped articulate a customer experience that was beyond our expectation. A smart team delivering exceptional results. Highly recommended.

Colin - ABC Business

To maintain ABC’s position as industry leaders and disrupt the competition a new site was built on trusted open source technology, with a focus on selling the dream of wealth and independence and less on the businesses themselves. The site is a source of knowledge, inspiration, and fulfillment.

Open Source Platform

With a focus on ease of management and future-proofing the site is built on an open source, widely used platform, Drupal. It allows access to community contributions as well as enabling additional functionality to be added with a reduced investment.

  • Reduced future development costs thanks to community contributed code.
  • Increase in site longevity as the code is solid and the upgrade path is easily managed.
  • Stronger security thanks to a watchful community and wide distribution.
  • Ability to easily expand the site in the future.

Selling the dream

Focusing the site on the feeling of running your own business or living comfortably from the wealth of a business sale via a successfully managed exit plan, encourages customers and clients to view the process as less of a transaction and more of a collaboration leading to the real life-changing benefits.

  • Benefit lead copy to get people in the right frame of mind promoting easier conversions - ie “Make decisions that matter, be your own boss, profit from your success” and not “own a business”.
  • Listings that feel more like a magazine article and less like a trademe page. Bold imagery, text that outlines benefits instead of features, with links back to other listings in the industry.
Services provided
  • Business Goals
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Responsive Design
  • Drupal Development
  • Source Control
  • Continuous Intergration
  • Live monitoring of critical functionality
Tools used
  • Drupal
  • Feeds Module
  • Bootstrap


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